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  • My daughter stumped me with an easy question!

    Then my daughter asked me if he was going Heaven and I froze.  I didn't know what to say? View Post
  • Faith Tests and Pregnancy in your 40's

    To Pursue our Dreams.....sometimes we let life get in the way.  Age, finances, a down on our luck mentality.  We compare ourselves to others, not knowing the Great Plan that GOD has in Store for your Life! View Post
  • This is my Daughter. This picture was taken in Nashville in the Summer of 2017.  She was so proud to have lost her front tooth.  She has lost a couple more.  She is 8 now and she believes in Kindness. View Post
  • The Night I got the Call to Pray for the Barden Family, Patrick and I were living in a nice town called Pawling, NY. We transferred up there for Pat’s job with Time Warner Cable. He was working in Queens at the time and I was wiring a weekly parenting piece for the Pawling News, their community p... View Post
  • Becoming a Champion for Christ

    The Olympics is an exciting group of events watching the worlds best athletes come together and compete in their chosen sport!  How wonderful!  I’m more of a Summer girl having been born in July, swimming and diving is more on my wave length but you must commend these super-talented athletes for ... View Post