Back when my Mom was working for a corporation and I was in high school I felt incredibly bad for her. She was a single hard-working Mom trying to raise her two kids. I’ll stop there. With all of that being said, celebrities do not need another platform to tell the world that sexual harassment is WRONG, because we all know that it is. I’ve stopped watching Hollywood award shows. They use to be neat for the most part. Now it's overboard.    

I got out of the acting industry. Why?  It’s demeaning and one of the harshest industries out there for both women and men.  I believe this is very obvious: the Hollywood elite are using this whole thing to once again put themselves in the spotlight and keep them in it.  Women in the spotlight, and if you're like me a Mom and business owner, we don't require a movement to say and do something about being sexually harassed.  Women need to continue to support each other.  Since my Mom's days in corporate America, we've been talking about it and challenging it. 

I thought I was fortunate back in 2005 to land a moderate sized role in a big movie, shooting not far from the high school I attended. I was invited to the cast party which was being held the week before our scene was to be shot. It was a person high up on the channels’ only goal at that party to throw me in the pool IN MY CLOTHES in front of all these Hollywood A list actors. In my personal life I was about to go through a difficult divorce and have never acted in a big movie and this assistant director wants to throw me in the pool!  It was a horrible time in my life, but I stood up for myself.

For the everyday woman who wants to be respected in her industry, she will, and she won’t sacrifice her dignity to keep her job-we have choices. For I know I can do everything through Him who gives me strength. 1 Philip 4:13.  I want my young daughters and my niece to have a deep sense of self worth and respect for themselves and be humbled in his Name. Thank you so much for reading.  #jesushearts


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    Beautifully written, couldnt agree more. Amen!

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