My daughter stumped me with an easy question!

Last week I lost my grandfather who was 93 years old and a veteran of WW2.  He was Jewish and he grew up with strong faith.  He told me that when he was in the war and watched a plane get blown out of the sky carrying many of his friends he lost his faith. He told me that about 20 years ago and I only hope he came to terms with that before he passed.  My Grandfather was my Mom's step-father and he adopted my Aunt and Uncle but he was always just Pop-Pop and Dad. 

I have good memories of him and I shared those with my girls while attending his funeral.  He was kind to people, loved my Grandmother and his children.  He took me camping, fishing, crabbing and he played lots of tennis with my father.  He fought for his country and he had a great sense of humor.  All good things right? 

Then my daughter asked me if he was going Heaven and I froze.  I didn't know what to say?  One part of me immediately thought...he doesn't believe in his faith anymore and he never believed Jesus was God's son?  I explained it to my daughter like this.  I believe God will appreciate all the good things Pop did in his life and the love he gave to his family.  She said, "but he didn't believe in Jesus?"  I told her we can pray that he came to terms with his doubts and that God would take care of the rest.

I am sure it wasn't the greatest answer, but it was mine and my daughter accepted it .....for now!


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