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  • Faith Tests and Pregnancy in your 40's

    To Pursue our Dreams.....sometimes we let life get in the way.  Age, finances, a down on our luck mentality.  We compare ourselves to others, not knowing the Great Plan that GOD has in Store for your Life! View Post
  • This is my Daughter. This picture was taken in Nashville in the Summer of 2017.  She was so proud to have lost her front tooth.  She has lost a couple more.  She is 8 now and she believes in Kindness. View Post
  • The Night I got the Call to Pray for the Barden Family, Patrick and I were living in a nice town called Pawling, NY. We transferred up there for Pat’s job with Time Warner Cable. He was working in Queens at the time and I was wiring a weekly parenting piece for the Pawling News, their community p... View Post
  • The Eagles Fly High in their Faith

    When you think of the recent events regarding the Super Bowl what comes to your mind first?  Okay, take out Justin Timberlake’s performance or the fact that the Patriots lost. What comes to my mind was the stance the Philadelphia Eagles took regarding their Faith. Did you see the prayer before an... View Post