Teaching our Children the Meaning of Jesus through Music.

Christian Music – What a great way to teach about God’s love!

 I was told long ago when I asked for advice on how to teach children what it means to be a Christian; “start with music."  This was a great moment for me because I love music.  As a toddler I grew up watching the Gaither Family shows and found a connection to the gospel sound at a very young age.  Through my young adult life, I continued to love music and would listen to it constantly.  The words meant something to me and if the beat could catch my ear I was hooked.  I got away from listening to gospel or Christian music for a long time and had settled in to Cold Play and Imagine Dragons.  I could feel their music and the passion in which they sang the words.  In fact, I went with my wife to see both in concert and was not disappointed at all.

It wasn’t until I was driving from Annapolis, Maryland to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that I chose a Christian music playlist and I it sparked that connection immediately to my faith.  I started to search out new artists I wasn’t familiar with and found artists like Vertical Worship, Zach Williams, Consumed by Fire, Elevation Worship, William McDowell and was hooked immediately.  I played them all the time in the house and while I was driving my family on long car trips.

I noticed my twin girls singing Kirk Franklin songs and thought, I wonder how many 5-year-old girls get excited when “I Smile” starts playing.  This brings me back to the point of this blog.  The music has sparked conversations with my children about God, Jesus, Heaven, and so many other topics that we may have waited to talk with them about.  It creates “teaching” moments that are meaningful and have an impact on all of us.  We raise our children to “have a Jesus heart” and listening to Christian or Gospel music is a big part of keeping us grounded in what is important in our life.


God Bless,

Worship Gear – Believe it- wear it- share it!


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