This is my Daughter. This picture was taken in Nashville in the Summer of 2017.  She was so proud to have lost her front tooth.  She has lost a couple more.  She is 8 now and she believes in Kindness.  She believes in Jesus. Some children don't but they are still kind.  Some children have bad lives and are without the basic necessities that can turn them into Positive Change Makers. 

I never grew up with religion.  I was baptized but did not understand that if we love like Jesus did, we would have a world full of Hope.  I am not an optimist but I do favor looking at the bright side of things. 

In 2010 I had a run-in with Heaven.  I knew then that my friend in Heaven was thanking me.  In 2009 while she was under Hospice care, I came to say goodbye and hug her and pray over her. In 2010 in a restaurant in Connecticut she let me know from the other side that she was okay and that she made it.  The love I felt in that moment still cannot be described. It was GOD. 

When we REACH out with Kindness to a hurting student, a lonely elderly person in a nursing home, or a shy neighbor, we may have no idea the impact that will have at the time but it does count. It's huge. 

People of all races, nationalities, backgrounds, with pain, or without pain, need KINDNESS-it's so simple.  We need to be our children's Leaders by Role Modeling that to our community, in our schools, on the playground, in the workplace, EVERYWHERE.

I'll never forget the teasing of a young man in my high school class.  They were relentless.  This boy never deserved that.  High School is tough enough, let alone being teased.  What are we doing to ourselves when we BULLY?  We are letting ourselves down.  We are letting HUMANITY down.  We can do better. 

The Story of Jesus' life Inspires on so many human levels, it's incomprehensible to me at times.  We can learn a lot about a person by how we treat humanity and those that cannot speak for themselves, animals. 

Teaching Kindness in your Home is where it starts.  Keep the communication open between you and your kids and your other family members. Open up the conversation to your school officials and school principal about bringing in special, unique, qualified groups who offer workshops on Bullying and Mental Health.

Therapy Animals/Pets are also good teachers of Kindness and Compassion.  Having an unconditional loving classroom pet or school pet is a great way to model the special connection between human and animal and adopt more loving ways of communicating. 

We have to keep the conversation going...........thank you for reading. 



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