The Eagles Fly High in their Faith

When you think of the recent events regarding the Super Bowl what comes to your mind first?  Okay, take out Justin Timberlake’s performance or the fact that the Patriots lost. What comes to my mind was the stance the Philadelphia Eagles took regarding their Faith.

Did you see the prayer before and after the game?  The prayer that was said by one of the football players while they gathered in a huddle brings me to tears.  While so many of us may be in fear of sharing our faith or feelings about faith, religion, spirituality, these guys on national television prayed to their GOD, their one and only.  The Alpha, the Omega, the man upstairs for guidance, for strength, for HOPE that this could be their Victory in Jesus Name. 

You might say they don’t need prayer.  You might say it was for the players and their benefit but what I choose to see was football players who weren’t ashamed to kneel in prayer and share that with the world.  The world was watching, the heavens were listening, and we were all paying attention.  It was most uplifting and unifying and that’s certainly what the world needs more of.

The good Lord knows our needs even when we don’t think anyone is listening, paying attention or watching but in this case, millions and millions were watching.  The coach of the Eagles when asked who he’d like to thank, his words were, My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I turned to my husband and he turned to me and we smiled warmly at each other, in gratitude, in HOPE and in thanksgiving for a GOD who never lets us down no matter who’s playing the game.  Amen.


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