Why I Left Acting Behind to Find a Life Full of Purpose

There are numerous reasons why my husband and I started Worship Gear, but it helps to know where I came from to understand why I wanted to do something of significance.

Having been an actress from 1997 to the year 2014 I had done some traveling and while in NY, LA, D.C. and Virginia there was one universal truth that remained: I didn’t feel fulfilled. I ran the race of all races: running up and down the coast and everywhere and in between to compete for small roles and scraps, having to join two acting unions within six months, not having enough money to even join.

In 2005 I finally landed a sizeable role in a big budget film and still it wasn’t enough to make my mortgage, after many setbacks along the way. My FAITH was failing, and I started going downhill in life. I ran with the wrong people, my marriage failed, and I found myself in financial despair. That wasn’t even the worst of it. At what was supposed to be a great time in my life, having been noticed all around the world in a movie, I felt lonely, sad, and hopeless. My church involvement was showing up very rarely and when I did I wasn’t paying attention. I wasn’t tuned in. My mind was on the next audition.

It wasn’t until I met a new friend in 2006 (whom I was supposed to meet) that told me how I was carrying on in my life wasn’t acceptable any longer. I fought this for a long time. Six years later I would marry him and later found out he was my soul mate all along and that GOD was always there I just wasn’t tuning into His channel, His WORDS, His Spirit.

When we turn away from GOD, we will find ourselves searching, wandering, and often in pain, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I couldn’t deny it-I was LOST and I needed to regain what was forgotten. When I open The Bible, and meditate on His promises, I am keenly aware of all the Blessings that come from those before us: We are not Alone-Spirit surrounds Us. We have Hope; We are More than Conquerors and WE CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH HIM WHO GIVES US STRENGTH. Please Trust me on This.

Leaving that career behind has promised me so much less anxiety and more fulfillment than I could ever ask GOD for: my husband, my two children, and travels to meet and see the world in new and exciting new ways.

With Worship Gear, we hope to travel with our shirts and caps to churches everywhere and spread the Good News of His promises; encouraging the youth, holding the hurting, and uplifting the downtrodden spirits of those who need Him. I’m so glad this new chapter is just beginning!!

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