Church Partnership Program

Worship Gear wants to partner with your church to raise money for that youth mission trip, building fund, summer bible camps, church celebrations and more.

Four simple Steps

STEP ONE: Create the Mission

Choose the project and set the Church goal.

Step Two: Create your design and church message

Collaborate on which apparel item we will use and design the artwork and project message for each campaign.

Step Three: Track your Progress

Worship Gear will set up your church fundraising page on our website where your congregation can go to order your designed item.  We will track the progress towards the goal for the duration of the fundraising event.

Step Four: Drive Church participation

Worship Gear can create a video for you to play during your church service to convey the message and mission of your Church fundraising efforts.


No Better Way to Raise funds for that special project and spread the word of the good works your church family is doing in the community.